Position title
Grill Cook - Zona Rosa

Summary of Position:

As a Grill Cook, your primary responsibility will be to satisfy our guests by providing them with the highest quality food product. Your job will include setting up your station, preparation, menu item portioning, cutting, and proper storage/rotation of all food products. Additional jobs may include assisting in other areas of the kitchen. A Broiler Cook will maintain a safe, clean, and sanitary workstation at all times. Teamwork and cooperation among all kitchen employees and the “front of the house” staff are essential.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Opening Responsibilities:

  1. Check P.M. Private Dining listings and prep items needed
  2. Prep food items for daily use
  3. Stack charcoal for daily use
  4. Prepare broiler grill & equipment for daily use
  5. Coordinate dinner special with Executive and/or Assistant Chef
  6. Stock refrigerated meat drawers to open shift
  7. Prepare all food products to daily starting par levels
  8. Assist in preparation of other areas of the kitchen

Main Business Hours Responsibilities:

  1. Prepare ordered menu items from the broiler area during dinner hours
  2. Prep & control fire of broiler for continuous use
  3. Retrieve panned steaks from meat storage locker as needed
  4. Keep work area clean
  5. Prepare Private Dining entrees from P.M. listing

Closing Responsibilities:

  1. Clean all stainless steel of broiler area
  2. Clean the walls of the broiler area
  3. Take all empty pans, trays, plates, etc. to the dish room
  4. Return all unused meat/seafood and record the returns on the P.M. inventory form
  5. Reconcile P.M. inventory form
  6. Clean all stainless steel of broiler area one final time
  7. Bag and dispose of front line trash
  8. Sweep and mop front line floor
  9. Other duties as specified by management

Experience / Requirements:

Previous restaurant experience is helpful but not required.  Good communication skills are important. The ability to lift heavy loads and to stand for an extended period is required.


This job description does not imply any written or verbal contract.  It is for management communication only.  We reserve the right to change this job description and its related requirements and responsibilities as business requires.  This restaurant is an “at-will” employer.

Employment Type
Full-time, Part-time
Job Location
8661 N. Stoddard Ave., Kansas City, MO, 64153
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Position: Grill Cook - Zona Rosa

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