Our Promise to Our Valued Guests

Maintaining a healthy and safe environment for our guests and staff is our utmost and highest priority. We pledge to continue to follow all health and safety guidelines set forth by the Kansas and Missouri Departments of Health and continue to heighten and expand those guidelines to provide a comfortable and welcoming, clean environment for all our valued guests. 

What you can expect when you enter our restaurant and dining rooms:

Social Distancing

  • We strongly encourage reservations but call ahead seating is also available.
  • Adjusted floor plans have been implemented to ensure the recommended social distance between seatbacks.
    • No more than 10 guests can be at a single table per CDC guidelines.
  • We ask that guests and team members that show any signs of illness please stay home for others’ safety.  

Health & Safety Practices

  • We have always prioritized and are committed to implementing and exceeding the recommended guidelines from the CDC and those of the Kansas and Missouri Health Codes. 
  • Employees
    • Only necessary staff will be permitted in the building during business hours
    • Employees are required to have their temperature taken before entering the restaurant.  
      • CDC guidelines state the minimum temperature that indicates a fever is 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. 
      • Any employee with a temperature or exhibiting any relatable symptom of illness will be sent home immediately. 
      • Employees who show symptoms must provide a negative COVID19 test and be symptomfree for a minimum of three days before being allowed to return to work.  
      • Employees who test positive must follow CDC guidelines and provide us a copy of the positive test for our records. Once they have tested positive, they are required to self-isolate for ten days from the positive test date and must be symptomfree for at least three days before returning to work.  
      • We work closely with the Kansas and Missouri Health Departments to report employee COVID19 positive test results and follow their guidance accordingly.   
    • Employees are always required to wear facemasks.
    • Kitchen employees are always required to wear gloves and frequently change gloves per the Kansas and Missouri health and safety codes.  
    • Service staff and Managerial staff will have gloves readily available for their use and wear gloves as deemed appropriate. 
    • Employees will continue to adhere to a strict handwashing regimen 
  • Food Handling
    • Employees will continue to adhere to the strict CDC and local public health guidelines and safety protocols, including ServSafe guidance. To learn more, visit www.servsafe.com. 

  • Sanitization
    • Our restaurants are electrostatically cleaned weeklyFor more information, please visit: https://enviro-master.com/commercial-cleaning-services/virus-and-germ-spraying/ 
    • Disposable menus will be provided to each guest and disposed of after they have completed their visit.  
    • Hand sanitizer stations will be available to all guests and employees. 
    • Your table
      • Before your arrival, we will thoroughly sanitize your table and seating area.  
      • We will bring out silverware rollups to each guest.  
      • Salt and pepper will be available upon request.
    • General
      • Continuous, heightened, and expanded cleaning and disinfection efforts including but not limited to:  
        • All surfaces in the restaurant, including door handles, walls, fixtures, flooring, phones, and computer systems. 
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